RF Absorbing Architecture

MAST Technologies’ RF absorbing architecture panels are the latest development in outdoor RF, radar, and microwave absorption. MAST’s RF absorbing architecture panels are effective at reducing or eliminating undesired reflections from buildings or structures. Common use cases for MAST’s RF absorbing architecture, are on buildings and structures near airports. New building construction and retrofit may be subject to FAA regulations regarding the radar signature of the building. MAST’s RF absorbing architecture panels, is an outdoor solution which can be incorporated into the architectural design of the building. MAST uses it’s state of the art high loss RF absorbing materials as the core of the absorbing panels, and combines them with an RF transparent shell to ruggedize the assembly for extreme outdoor environments. RF absorbing architecture panels can be optimized for insertion loss or reflection loss.

Effective Frequency Ranges Band (GHz)
Cellular 0.6-2.0
Microwave 2.0-40.0


Generally RF absorbing architecture panels are between 0.5 and 2” thick, depending on frequency. The length and width size will be configured for any antenna and mounting configuration which may be present. Typical sizes range from:

Length: 18 – 96”
Width: 6 – 48”

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