MAST Technologies’ MAST-O-Shield solid silicone elastomers are specially impregnated with electrically conductive fillers to provide shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI). These silicone based elastomers offer EMI shielding for extended time and temperature exposure applications while resisting compression set. The nickel graphite impregnated materials offer a moderate cost shielding material that provides excellent shielding effectiveness for aluminum and stainless steel housings. The materials are available in sheets, die-cut, or three dimensional molded forms.

Standard Products

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Part Number Thickness (in/mm) Compound
ME11-0001-00 0.032/0.81 SNiG 45
ME11-0002-00 0.062/1.57 SNiG 45
ME11-0003-00 0.093/2.36 SNiG 45
ME11-0004-00 0.125/3.18 SNiG 45