MAST Technologies’ suite of resistive caulk and ink materials can meet a variety of demanding electrical and environmental specifications. MAST utilizes resistive fillers to achieve specific surface or volume resistivities in a variety of different binder types and viscosities. MAST Technologies has standard off the shelf products but specializes in customizing these materials for targeted applications, levels of resistivity, and environmental attributes. NOTE: This material is based on a silicone resin, other resin systems are available upon request.

Packaging: Product Form: Two-part, 1 Quart Kit with curing agent

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Volume Resistivity:
25Ω-cm (100Ω/sq. surface resistivity @ 0.100″).

Part Numbering:
MC10-0016-01: 1 Quart Kit
MC10-0016-03: 8 oz SEM-KIT

Other sizes available, please contact MAST.

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)