MAST Technologies’ absorptive caulking materials are magnetically loaded RF absorber / microwave absorber materials fabricated to be electrically equivalent to the MAST Cavity Resonance sheet products. The materials can be manufactured using one or two part systems in a variety of viscosities. Absorber caulk can be used for in small quantities for prototyping and test, or in production via automated dispensing systems. NOTE: This material is based on a silicone resin, other resin systems are available upon request.

Packaging: Product Form: Two-part, prepackaged 8 oz SEM-KIT

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Typical Performance:
See MR21 Series Cavity Resonance materials.

Part Numbering:
MC10-0014-01: 1 Quart Kit
MC10-0014-03: 8 oz SEM-KIT

Other sizes available, please contact MAST.

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)